Monday, August 31, 2009

Welcome Back!

I haven't blogged in a while. Been going through some crap. Emotional, not worthy or viable, CRAP!

We still have NOT had our last disclosure meeting. It seems to keep getting rescheduled. The GAL is in bad health due to her age, and if at all possible...she needs to be present! She has had carrot top on her caseload for ALL of the years he has been in foster care.

CT starts school this week. I bought him a lunch box. This, however, will not be given to him. Not yet anyway.

My children are all back in school. WOO HOOT!!!!!
Do I sound wicked stoked? I am! I love 'em to pieces, but am sure glad they are gone for a few hours. Now the hell of taxi-ing them around is in effect. I will take it. I jam to my tunes, and catch some rays while I am waiting to pick up or drop off!

We are considering pre-school for Gabi. Two days a week. I think it would do her good to spend some time away from our home and rules. Give her something that is just for her. Maybe then she will appreciate the time with her friends here at Tee's House.

Andy-the-Great started school this week. He is excited to venture out. Explore new possibilities. Experience a bit of the college life he missed when he was 18. Short of dorm living, and keg parties, he should get a nibble. However, it is primarily a traditional college setting. Meaning, most of it's students are just out of High School. I hope that he can find a network of Non-Traditional students to share with. This will make his time there more enriching. he has even considered doing Theatre there at UMF. Good for you, Babe!

I hate to be all "WOE Is ME", but I am feeling a crap load of...
"Hey what about me?"
"What is my purpose?"
"Am I only meant for diapering and laundry?"

The burden of a Mom, huh?
I wouldn't change it. Just need to be reminded every so often!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Fall crazies

Another school year is fast approaching. We are all gearing up for the fall crazies!

Soccer, Theatre, Football, school. A whole lot of taxi-ing.

Andy returns to college as well. Full-time.
He will be in Farmington from 8-5, three days a week. He is super excited about jumping back in. I am super sad about him leaving.
Silly, huh?

He has been co-parenting, and my right hand in daycare since Aug of 2006. We have lunch together everyday. Gabrielle and Griffin yell up to his office. It will be a transition for us all, I am sure. I will miss my baby cakes!

I know. I am pathetic!

I do try and be supportive of him. I do, actually, want him to go. Further himself. "Be all that he can be". I just wanna go with him!

Alyssa and I are also in a musical. How To Succeed In Business Without Even Trying.
We have small parts, so it is a minimal commitment. Rehearsing only 2 days a week until the end of October. The show opens the second week in November. A little bit of adult conversation and being in front of an audience...A real self esteem booster. I am looking forward to it!

Still waiting for our final disclosure meeting to be scheduled. Man, things go so slowly! I was hoping to have that all out of the way before school started. So decisions could be made, and a transition outline BEFORE school starts.
Crazy me!!!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Another one bites the dust

Had our home visit for CT. His case worker and GAL came by to check out the digs. Mainly checked out his room, and checked for safety. The basics.

Everything said , was geared towards him transitioning. We have to have a disclosure meeting. With all known to man. That will be scheduled for a week from Wednesday.

As I said, I have started our life book. I have decided to take Lisa's advice...and do a super hero narrated photo book. The "super boy" is a CT look alike. Red hair, a teddy bear, and a blue cape!
I am so psyched about this.

I am looking forward to a bit of progression, and time being spent with him.