Monday, August 17, 2009

Fall crazies

Another school year is fast approaching. We are all gearing up for the fall crazies!

Soccer, Theatre, Football, school. A whole lot of taxi-ing.

Andy returns to college as well. Full-time.
He will be in Farmington from 8-5, three days a week. He is super excited about jumping back in. I am super sad about him leaving.
Silly, huh?

He has been co-parenting, and my right hand in daycare since Aug of 2006. We have lunch together everyday. Gabrielle and Griffin yell up to his office. It will be a transition for us all, I am sure. I will miss my baby cakes!

I know. I am pathetic!

I do try and be supportive of him. I do, actually, want him to go. Further himself. "Be all that he can be". I just wanna go with him!

Alyssa and I are also in a musical. How To Succeed In Business Without Even Trying.
We have small parts, so it is a minimal commitment. Rehearsing only 2 days a week until the end of October. The show opens the second week in November. A little bit of adult conversation and being in front of an audience...A real self esteem booster. I am looking forward to it!

Still waiting for our final disclosure meeting to be scheduled. Man, things go so slowly! I was hoping to have that all out of the way before school started. So decisions could be made, and a transition outline BEFORE school starts.
Crazy me!!!


obladi oblada said...

Well you know they will try and schedule all that when it the very LEAST convienient for you, right?

Andrew Scott Turner said...

you mean you don't get adult conversation until you leave the house? What am I, a sponge fish?


cloudmaster said...

That's harsh :).......My youngest bio daughter graduated Farmington. It is a great school!

Mary Ellen said...

I have GOT to figure out how to get your new posts to pop onto my blog list. I saw that Andy had said you were doing a play, and I didn't even know! I like to be fully informed, you know.

I know you'll miss him, but they say absence makes the heart grow fonder...I'm picturing these romantic moments, 3 days a week: you two, running in slow motion toward each other, music building to a thundering climax as you fall into each other's arms. Ahhhh.

Then, of course, you'll have to pick up applesauce off the floor and change somebody's diaper. Nothing's perfect.

Well, summer's just about over and we never had that coffee date - is it too late now??

Melissa said...

Summer goes by way too fast. My baby is starting school this year so I will be sad and lonely right along with you.

My husband is home all the time too, yet I never can seem to have a decent conversation about.......anything. Sometimes you just need another woman to talk to.

I hope you hear soon about CT. I'm excited for you.

Begin - writing, yoga, and more said...

Hi C-
We're already in the swing of "fall" since school started 3 weeks ago. Crazy, huh?

The best way to get through those transistions is just to... get through them.

Think of all the great anecdotes and little stories Andy will come home and tell you.

I also very much like ME's visualized scene and will be imagining you as enjoying a series of partings and reunions!