Friday, November 28, 2008

I had dreams of "Matthew" last night.

He is the young boy we are in hopes of adopting.

I dreamt of Christmas gifts, and watching him play in the snow with our two year old. Of snuggling with him at night, and combing his curly black hair. 

I am not so naive to think that there won't be a period of adjustment. We are only a little informed about his past, so who knows what kind of baggage that will bring.

I am terrified of rejection.

I have a natural bond with my biological children. One born out of nose wiping, and spit-up cleaning. Nursing and rocking. The bond of safety that I have provided for them since birth.

"Matthew" has not had this safety. He has bounced around from house to house.  Been through...I don't know what. How can he trust anyone? How can I let him know that he has is forever home??

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Potty-Training Excitement!

So, we have begun potty-training our Two year old. What a treat that is.

Constant trips to the potty, wet shoes, puddles on the floor. But we mull along.

She did an OUTSTANDING job yesterday. Only one river across the living room floor (an old, unlevel house). Lot's of clapping and singing all day!

"I'm so big! Look at me. I can use my own POT-T. And It makes me feel so very very proud. When we all sing very loud!"

Did her first poopie on the potty! What a trip that was.

She got up, and while I was shining that Bum...she looked in the pot. TERRIFIED. Jaw-open shocked! It dawned on me that she had never actually seen her poop.

I usually clean her up and rush it away. Never again to see the light of day. 

But, there it was. Staring back up at her.

Once I explained what it was exactly, and that it wants to come out. She was so happy with herself. We flushed that poopie away. She waved good-bye.

And said this...

"Bye baby poopie. Have fun with your Mommy and Daddy poopie"


Now her best friend is a baby poopie!!!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Well, here I go. An attempt at my own blog.
I am hoping to be able to share/ swap stories about mothering and comical happenings with you all.
My husband and I live in Buckfield, Maine. We have 6 children...two together, and each have two from a previous marriage. Working hard on blending us all together. Most days are GREAT!!! Some...well, nothing is perfect!
We are hoping to adopt soon. YES!! One more in the mix. Why not?
We have just completed our mandatory DHHS adoption classes. The application is in, fingerprinting done, and the wait begins. If only all parents were required to weed through all the beurocratic crap before having a child. Birth rates would go down, I think. So would abuse and neglect. I would Love to hear advice, or suggestions on transitioning our new addition.
So, That's it. Blog #1.
Babies crying....