Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Bad News?

Talked with the social worker again.
Apparently "M" has been granted visitation with the bio Aunt/Uncle. Spent his first afternoon with them on Sunday. He was brought back on screech. Took a few hours to get him calmed down. I know that this is expect with any major transition.
The bio A/U are adding an addition to the house they live. Will become "M's" room, if granted custody.
They cancelled the home study due to occur this week. Shooting for next week, I am told. The Aunt has had something from her past "sprout up". The s/w told me that she would need to address that before a decision is made.
I guess I feel that they/she could promise ANYTHING. Words are cheap!
Her actions, to me, speak louder. They have left him in custody for almost 4 years. Come On!

For the moment, we will keep on keeping on.
Plenty to focus our time.
Gabrielle is still sick. Spent Monday night in the ER. I would rather eat s*%# than have my kiddos sick. My heart breaks every time I wipe her crusted nose, hear her seal barking cough, or listen to her aching whine.

We had plans for Valentine's day. The hubby and I.
Notice I said had. We will cancel the sitter. Hang close to home. After all...dinner with 6 kids can be romantic. Right?


amandaautismx2 said...

Hope all goes well, and that you do get custody. Hang in there and everything will be ok.

Corrine said...

we're hanging on...and on....
and on...and on...

This is the life said...

I love you. I would like to think that I can be half the devoted mother you are. Not just to yours, but any that cross your path. You and the hubs are heros in my book.

As a side note - it took Barb 2 years to adopt their youngest...lots of visitation and all that later...she was 2 when she became theirs and she was placed with them when she was 9 months. It seems to be a long and agonizing road - I admire you for your journey thus far. Barbara reminded me yesterday that everything happens for a reason...I pray that the true reason is the outcome you want.

Mrs. Firecracker said...

I think you and your husband are amazing. I hope that everything works out for you and you end up with that little boy.

Corrine said...

Thanks for all your support, guys!
Your the bestest!!!

P.S. And I'm forwarding these comments to our s/w!!!