Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A Week's Worth of Waiting.

So, on Friday...the 13th...My Dad had chest pain. Went to the ER.
After 6 hours and multiple tests, it was concluded that he was NOT having a heart attack. They suggested that he call his primary care doc to set up a stress test, and a blood panel work-up.
On Tuesday of the next week, he went in to have fasting blood work done. This was at 6:45.
They called him to come BACK IN at 12:00. Apparently his white blood cells were way up, and his lymphocytes were also flagged as abnormal. At that time they gave him a chest CT scan, as well as a flow cytology work-up (more blood). We were told that they were ruling out lymphoma and leukemia. His primary care doc also said that the flow cytology report would pick most any type of cancers, and would be back in 2-3 days.
We have called EVERYDAY since then. Over a week now. They claim that there are still no results from the blood panel work-up.
Dad still remains symptomatic. Chest heaviness, arm tingling, fatigue, heartburn, loss of appetite, and joint pain.
He called me, in tears. The wait is killing him. I realize that people are busy. Other people are sick. Not just MY father. But, the hurry-up-and-wait game is a serious pain in the ass!
Just one more roller coaster ride.
I want to get off now!


Mary Ellen said...

Okay, maybe I'm slow. Did you always have this blog? I remember the first couple of times you commented on my blog, I looked at your profile and didn't see any blog there.

And I don't remember Andy doing any 'check out this awesome blog' posts, either.

I'll have to go back and look to see how long I've been uninformed. Welcome to the dark side.

Corrine said...

Thanks M.E.
I have been blogging here for a bit.
No worries...I will be kicking Andy right square in the ass for not giving me an "awesome blog" shout out!

Glad your well again!

obladi oblada said...

That is scary. I hope they get you some answers very soon.

Lisa said...

Hoping answers come soon and that he feels better fast.

I am so sorry.

Corrine said...

You guys are great!
Thanks for the support.

Elenka said...

Wow, good luck with that.I CAN'T STAND the wait for test results. I have been in tears so many times over the wait. i don't blame him. Don't these doctors, etc. have any idea what this feels like. I hope all is well.

Andrew Scott Turner said...

I'll give you a shout out and you'll love it, young lady