Monday, February 2, 2009

Monday News....

It has been a little while since my last blog...and to the 2 people who actually read it, I apologize!

I spoke with "M's" social worker last Thursday. I had said that I wouldn't call her. (I did hold off from my usual Tuesday call.) I was told that things were looking 60%-40% our favor. That is with a passed home study, and issues outlined and being worked on by the Aunt. They are also trying to speed things along at this point. "M" has been TPR'd since November, and in custody for 3 years. It is time for him to have permanency.

As far as the Aunt and uncle...I have mixed feelings. They are NOW working hard at getting "M" back in their custody. Where have they been the last 3 1/2 years. Also, they RETURNED HIM INTO STATE CARE as an infant. What makes them think now will be better. I wasn't told exactly what, but they have some personal "issues" also. The Aunt and Uncle, that is. And a"few" children with a whole lot of chaos. They are also trying to educate them about autism. "M" is on the low end of the spectrum disorder.

We just want what is best for "M". I hope that they also have his best interest at heart.
I do try and keep an open mind, and be non judgemental. It is hard!

Other than that, no news to report. I guess that is a good thing. Sometimes, quiet is best!!!


Lisa said...

How I wish they would make up their minds with the kids best interest at heart!

Don't they see that if they gave up once they'll give up again?

Sometimes I wonder what is wrong with these people.

Here's hoping it gets resolved soon!

Corrine said...

Thanks, Lisa! I agree!!!
I can't help but think that the fam just doesnt want him to be adopted out. That part I understand. We would make sure that he knew his bio family. As long as it is safe.

It was also mentioned that we were a white family, "M" is biracial. They (the bio fam) were not sure we could keep in touch with his heritage.

Bunch o' crap, if you ask me

cloudmaster said...

I agree about the bunch of crap........This whole system has us baffled at times, but our trip got approved today, so I am happy.....Haven't had time to put it in my blog yet though.

Emily said...

I've got my fingers crossed for you :)

Torina said...

3.5 years says a lot in itself. I have my own perspective on this as my boys were "adopted" and disrupted by family members. And then moved to other family and disrupted and so on and so on, until I got them at age 5, messed up, afraid, and damaged from years of broken attachments and severe abuse. What really gets in my craw is that I see this as a way where no one has to make a REAL decision. Too many people involved with these kids lives are afraid to be decisive and they will bend to whomever is the loudest. Be loud. Advocate like crazy. It does count and you will show that you will fight for your future kid. THAT will make a difference.

Corrine said...

Thanks for the pearls of wisdom, Torina.
I can be very loud!!!

Puddles Piles and Skid Marks said...

Why is it ok with the relatives of these children to just let them float around in the system forever and not show any interest until they are about to be adopted by someone else? UNBELIEVABLE!!
My prayers are with you. We nearly lost our youngest to her birthmother. She had not been in contact with us in an entire year.Never called to ask how she was or anything. When we did finally find her it was because they did a search for her after we filed abandonment charges against her. Thank God it went well for us. I'm believing it will for you as well.