Tuesday, January 27, 2009

What's the hold up???

So, I was promised that our license would be in hand by mid January.
I contacted my placement social worker, and she has yet to finish typing up our home study report.
My Gosh!
We have finished our part in the process, mid November.
We wait. And wait. And wait.
Will it ever come to pass? Will we ever have our ending?


Torina said...

Call, email, be the pain their arse. Every. Day. Every Week. But don't wait for them. Never wait for them. They serve those who speak the loudest. Always. I have learned to speak louder :)

cloudmaster said...

Unfortunately, you now know why I call the DHHS building The "Mystery Mansion"

Corrine said...

I call, and email..and call, and stop by! That's what I have to do. I think that it is just about time that someone fights for these kiddos who can't!
I am referred to as " The squeaky wheel".

Puddles Piles and Skid Marks said...

My family started the process of relicensing our home for fostercare in July. We still have no license all because of fingerprinting. My oldest daughters fingerprints keep getting kicked back not because of any criminal activity but because of their system not reading the electronic scanned prints correctly. We thought we would be licensed long ago and took a baby boy, non relative placement, in August that was a grandson of some people in our church. We don't do this for the money....less than a dollar an hour for no sleep...I don't think so, but it would have helped pay for all of the things we have had to purchase for him. I am sooo frustrated with DCF!! The baby is now almost 6 months old and is going to live with the grandparents. If DCF is so desperate for foster families why can't they do a betther job with this kind of thing?

Emily said...

I know how you feel, the waiting is horrible. I've been approved 15 months and still waiting, tho I do have a glimmer of hope right now :)