Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Crazy Kids

Here they are!
Two crazy cats.
Fallon got a new digital camera for her birthday. She is quite talented, I must say. Here is one of my favorite candids. Gabrielle has discovered a new kind of relationship with her oldest sister! It is nice to see. Fallon is warm and loving. Gabrielle goes to her for honest answers. Fallon treats her like a bigger kid.
She seems to get certain things from the kids.
Harrison is her playmate. He has tea, and plays barbies with her.
Alyssa is her 2nd mother. Snuggles, rocks, and kisses her boo-boo's.
Ty is her wrestling partner. He tickles her. Makes her scream with delight!
I am always amazed at the love ALL the kids have for both her and Griffin. They are incredibly lucky to have such a great support system in their older siblings. They will always be taken care of. I know that these children will whole heartedly welcome another child.
Maybe "M".


cloudmaster said...

That is absolutely wonderful!

RaizenBoyz said...

Above all, I want my children to be friends. I love it when they show love, compassion, and friendship with each other. It makes a Mama proud! Good Job!