Friday, January 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Fallon!

So, today is our 16 (no 17) year old's birthday.
Many of you also follow my husband's blog (andrewscottturner), so none of this will be a surprise...BUT
We had decided to sleep on a mattress on the living room floor last night. Our furnace has been kicking off, so in order to guarantee warmth of the fire place, we camped out!
At 3:30 a.m, the fire alarm went off...apparently the batteries were dead. So up we got.
Stoked the fires, checked the water for freezing. All was well.
Griffin woke up at 4:45. Needed to eat.
Up we went. Stoked the fires...heat had shut off. Cold, but warm in the living room. Checked the water. Frozen.
Frozen in the bathroom.
Andy proceeded to get the heat gun out to thaw them.
The damn pipe BURST!!!!
Water was spewing all over our bathroom floor.
Long story short, it took 20 minutes to find the shut off valves. Standing water was in the bathroom.
Water had to be shut off to THE WHOLE HOUSE!
Still no furnace.
The bathroom floor will need to be replaced.
Insulation re-done.
Who knows about the other pipes that are sure to be frozen at this point!
Sometimes you just need a little break.
A small victory.
We are waiting......

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cloudmaster said...

It certainly was cold enough this morning. Yesterday morning isn't supposed to be much better. Good luck with your furnace and pipes!