Sunday, April 5, 2009

The cutest Picture EVER!

Here is a picture of my little "Fiff". The little bugga is crawling, and standing all alone. He is clapping and dancing. Even trying to sing.
I thought I was done having children. Completely content with my ,then 12 and nine year old.
Then in 2006, I got pregnant with Gabrielle. Such a surprise. I was overwhelmed and extremely excited! Starting again!
At that point, I KNEW I WAS DONE!
However, other plans were made for us. I found out I was pregnant in 2007. I was stunned and confused. I was not at all sure how I could handle another baby. Gabrielle was just over a year old. Still waking up at night, wearing diapers, and in a car seat. Not my grandest plan, or so I thought.
Griffin has been the greatest blessing of my life. One of the BEST surprises! He is the happiest, most content baby I have ever seen. Always a smile on his face. People stop us in a crowded mall, to pay the the littlest Turner a compliment.
All of us are enamored by him. Gabi loves her playmate.
I couldn't have planned it better!!!


Mrs. Firecracker said...

He is truly adorable.

Andrew Scott Turner said...

The only male whose attentions toward my wife I have ever been jealous of....

Nelly said...

He is a CUTIE!!!!!

Erin said...

He is adorable!

Adoption Etiquette said...

I bet you get stopped a whole lot!

I'm glad you not-so-planned blessing is a true miracle!