Monday, March 2, 2009

41 Reasons I Love You (Happy Birthday Andy!)

1. Your passion
2. You are a great father
3. Your super funny, and sarcastic
4. Your generosity
5.The way you accept my children as your own
6. You let Gabi paint your toe nails
7. Unbelievable skills with a grill
8.Your unconditional love
9.You do what you love...write
10.The twinkle in your eyes
11.You hold my hand in public
12.Your a little bit naughty
13.You like disco!
14.Your willing to try anything new...once.
15. You've seen my belly, and like it!
16.You play games
17. Your tatted and pierced
18.Back rubs
19. Your romantic
20. Gabrielle Marrae
21. Griffin Allan Kent
23. Trust
24. You dream
26. You kiss me slow and deep
27. You let me be me.
28. I'm comfortable
29. The long talks at night.
30. Picnics
31. Foot rubs
32. Fallon Paige
33."Walks" in the cemetery

34.Harrison Scott
35. You love to love
36. Your sexy
37.You are not a mechanic
38.You eat whatever I cook
39. We dance
40.We snuggle
41. YOU LOVE ME!!!


Lisa said...

I love hearing your love story!

Mary Ellen said...

Aww. You might be the cutest couple ever. I didn't know he had mad grill skills - I'll have to make him cook for me when I visit. If it ever stops snowing.

Andrew Scott Turner said...

Thanks Baby Doll!

So do I get "one" to grow on later??