Thursday, March 12, 2009

Absolutly Needed!

I had a "girls day" today. Grown-up girls, even.
Went shopping. It is 1/2 off Wednesdays, at the Salvation Army. Spent $10.17. WOOT!
Then, we shopped Mardens. A discount store. Has everything under the sun! I got a pair of shoes, Strawberry Shortcake earmuff's for Gabi, earrings, Jelly-Belly smoothies, a bra, and a bird house. Spent $14.00. Can you believe it!
Then, we even went out to lunch.
No high chairs...or happy meals. No one even screamed. No quick trip to the potty between fries.
I needed that. You sometimes get caught up in your day to day, and forget that adult people are out there.
So, thank you Bobbi & Michelle. I had a great time, and am alrerady planning the "NEXT TIME"!


Lisa said...

How wonderful!!! I love those times!

This is the life said...

I love you Corrine!! I'm glad you had a great day!

Heather said...

I'm so jealous! But, also so glad you had a fabulous time!!!

Andrew Scott Turner said...

And I got a green shirt! I'm psyched! And I can't even see color, man.

amandaautismx2 said...

So glad that you had a wonderful time. You deserve it.

Andrew Scott Turner said...