Tuesday, March 24, 2009

WOW. Has it really been that long since my last blog. HOLY TOLEDO!
So, there are 2 new and exciting things to report to you all.

1) I am in the process of opening a Childcare Center!
Yup. Right here in Buckfield, Maine. The first ever!! I will (hopefully) be licensed for UP TO 49 children. Ages 6 weeks - 11 years. I have various programs in the works for different ages. From book clubs and tumble tots, to a mini gym and preschool.

Am I excited? Hell Ya!
Am I scared? TO DEATH!!!
You never know if you don't try. I have so many great ideas, and experience in a bunch of different areas. Also, there is nothing like this in our area. NOTHING! A definite need. I hope it flies!

2) I got an email from a caseworker about a child. A 3 year-old boy. A match meeting (not exactly sure what this is) will be held on April 1st. I am quietly ECSTATIC!!! He has a few minor medical issues that are being resolved. The sweetest smile YOU HAVE EVER SEEN!!!!

If any of have been a party to a "match meeting' please let me know what this means to/for us.

Anyway, I will try to blog a little more regularly. I miss you all!


Lisa said...

You've been a busy girl!

Match meeting usually means that the SW, SW's supervisor, foster parents and therapist (could be others) will meet, look at your homestudy and see if your family is a match with what the child needs.

cloudmaster said...

Good luck in both cases!!

Torina said...

Yee haw! When we went to our one and only "match meeting", we met with the biomom, biograndma, our adoption worker, and the kid's social worker. Then afterwards, we met with the foster family and the kid. There was another family that they were considering. We both ended up declining because of the child's major medical needs but met Tara in that foster home as a result. The rest is history.

Mary Ellen said...

Congrats - a child care center sounds like a perfect thing for you, and for the area.

My question is - will you be able to run it out of your home, or will you have to get a new location? I remember your house being big, but 49 kids? Holy cow.

My next question is, will you need employees? I'm still looking for a job. Of course, I don't really like kids - does that matter? Well, I like SOME kids. Your kids are adorable. Oh, never mind. I'd never make it, anyway.

obladi oblada said...

Congrats on the day care prospect and on the matching process as well! When will you hear?

amandaautismx2 said...

What a wonderful idea for you. Hope that you are doing well. We are doing well here. Good luck to you.

Begin - writing, yoga, and more said...

That sounds like TWO wonderful developments! I think you'd make an awesome day care owner - you're clearly overflowing with love and patience, and parents need that for their precious little ones!

Best of luck!!!

Emily said...

Wow, that's brilliant news, I hope both work out great for you :)