Thursday, May 7, 2009

Just Like Her Mom...I hope!

This is a picture of my oldest daughter, Alyssa. Alyssa the strong, stubborn, opinionated, smart, sarcastic, and mouthy girl. The theatre geek and reader of all that is written. The over achieving, straight "A" receiving fruit of my womb.
I struggle with this beauty.
I struggle to get her to drop the attitude, and "Just do what I say, damn it!" I struggle with the eye rolling, and sighing. The "I know, MOM!"
I struggle with the fact that she is going places.
This girl that I would hold for hours on end, and watch sleep. My girl that would sing, "I am the most beautiful girl in the la la". The child that would call me her "bestest" friend.
She will, in a few short years, leave her mother. Move out into the world and realize all of her dreams. I have never known a child to be so determined to do just that.
Alyssa is the kindest, most giving, and most loving soul.
She will give her last bite (not to me, but...) to someone in need.
I am continually enamored by her beauty.
I made her. She grew inside of my body. I raised her to love. To stand up for herself and what she believes (however, I pay for it now). To work hard and laugh loud. To give, and to receive with thanks. To dream.

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Nichole said...

sounds like you've raised an amazing girl!