Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Meet My Son!

After visiting my blog last night, my son Ty (age 11) noticed that there was not quite enough news about him posted. He said that all of my "Bluddies", blog buddies, are interest in him TOO.
So, meet my son!
He is almost 12, and will forever be my baby. I did not think that I would have any others. So, I poured my heart and soul into this "last baby ever".
He slept with me until nearly 9. I still cut his meat, but on Andy's advice, I am trying to stop that.
Ty questions me about EVERYTHING. He wants to make sure that he is doing it correctly, and he apologizes about others just so his Mama will feel better.
He will kill any creepy crawler that I need shooed. Ty still kisses and hugs me every night. He laughs loud, and loves me hard!!!
He once asked me how I thought his future wife would feel to have me come on their honeymoon. LOL!
I shall remind him of this on his wedding day!
Ty is incredibly smart, but only does the bare minimum needed. He is athletic. Modest. Kind. Funny. Sarcastic. And, he looks just like his father. Almost as if I had no part in him at all. But, I was there. 32 hours of labor. 2 1/2 hours of pushing that melon out of my body.
He is mine. My boy. My love.


obladi oblada said...

Aww, what a nice post, and what a sweet boy.

Kathy's Korner said...

That was so wonderful!! I probably need to steal your idea and add something about my boy too....he probably gets the shaft on my blog as well.

OH! And thank you for visiting my place of rants (which is what it should be as of late) It is very nice to meet you.