Tuesday, September 8, 2009

100th post!

Wow. My 100th post. I wish that I had something AMAZING to blog.


Just a little bit of this, and that!

I do have a great picture to post.

This is Andy-the-Great and I, apple picking. We love to go, and try to do it every year. This Sunday we took the littles and Alyssa with us. The older boys opted not to go. They felt World Of Warcraft was far to important. The oldest daughter..well...is 17. I am not even sure she lives here anymore. Hardly ever home. We picked a few...ate a few...and had YUMMY apple dumplings afterward. The babies loved the tractor ride best, I think. Me...the dumpling, I guess. And kissin my man in the sunshine!
I should be hearing from CT's Sw tomorrow. That is what I was told. We'll see. I had never realized how sllloooowwwlllyy the system works. It is amazing that children get placed at all.
I am joining a new support group for adoptive parents her in Oxford Hills. It will be nice to share stories. I find such much support in sharing my stories with you here in the blogoshere. And much comfort reading your experiences. It will be nice to lay my eyes on people in the same boat. Dealing with the same state systems. maybe they will help to ease the stress of it. And you all...of course!
The kiddos are just getting over a really odd virus. 4 of our 6 had it. It came with a fever of 102-ish and a mouth full of canker sores. Ty has gone 6 days without eating. He drinks just enough to survive. Can't wait for that to get out of my house! Hopefully never to return again. The smell of bleach is getting old. The look of pain in my kids eyes as they eat...unbearable.
Andy-the-Great has started school. He is working on his first paper as we speak. I know that he will do well. In all of his classes. It is important to him. THIS TIME he is ready.


Andrew Scott Turner said...


Cute couple

I'm sooo jealous

Mama Drama Times Two said...

I am still in awe of your incredible patience with a system that moves at a glacial pace. Good luck with CT's social worker...Oh - and congrats on your 100th post!!!!

cloudmaster said...

We love apple picking too! We plan on going this weekend if the weather cooperates......

Melissa said...

Congrats on the 100th post!!

Heather said...

Love that pic of you two. Perfection! I have to say, I'm inspired by you, how you handle all of your goings on, and what a mom I have seen you to be!