Thursday, June 25, 2009

Happy Birthday Fiff!

Happy Birthday little man!
You are one today, and your Mama could not be happier. You are the light I have always searched for. The dream in my minds eye.

I watch you smile your toothy grin, and know that you were meant for me. Meant to be placed in my arms . Meant to be kissed by my lips. Meant to hear my lullaby.
I look forward to watching you grow. Watching you become a man. Always to remain my little boy!


Lisa said...

Happy Birthday Little Man!

Nichole said...

what a happy smile that is!!

Mary Ellen said...

Happy Birthday, cutie pie!!! Make sure you smear the cake all over yourself - mommies love that, and it makes for great pictures!

Melissa said...

Happy Birthday (though belated) to Griffin!!

From the Stork; An adoption Journey said...

Happy Birthday! That is so cute and how happy he is. Cut. By the way you were following my otehr blog our journey to adopt from Tim and Sue. I have changed my blog to this one. I kept my other blog so no one would follow me to my new one but I was letting people who were following me know through there blog. I just didn't post on my old blog so this is my new blog. Thanks for follwing and I wanted to just let you know about my new blog.