Monday, June 29, 2009

The Run-Down

So, we made it through our baby's first birthday! It went really well. A handful of friends and family came to celebrate with us at our local play ground. Griffin enjoyed his bull-dozer cake. But stayed surprisingly clean.

My husbands directorial debut with OHMPAA (Oxford Hills Music and Preforming Arts Association), in Never Too Late, also has wrapped up. The last show and cast party was Sunday. He had a terrific run, all shows were nearly full, or full. It was a great comedy, with some great first time talent and a few veterans. My daughter, Alyssa, had one of the leads. She continually blew my mind. The girls got mad skill! Look out Broadway!! Even still...I am glad to have my family back. It takes a lot of time from them, and a lot "alone" time for me. I miss dinners at the table ( I hate eating alone), and sitting on the couch with my man and a movie. Time with my favorite adult.

We are still waiting on carrot tops information packet to arrive. I have never done this before, BUT his social worker has told me now that it has been narrowed down to two, it goes something like this....
*We receive information to review.
*After reading, discussing, and thinking on it...We make a decision to continue or not.
* They then have 48 hours (or so) to make a choice between families.
*We then meet with his social worker to discuss transitioning.
*Transition begins.

Now, it was said that we should know in 7 days if were are the matched family. You and I know that means at least 2 weeks. I have watched his video and stared at his picture a million times. I am cautiously optimistic. Hopeful. This is as far as we have EVER gotten. Is it in the cards for us? We'll soon see.

Chicken are growing. Dumb creatures, and messy as hell. Cluck and peck. That's it.

We have had only 3 days of sun in nearly two weeks. I fear my veggie garden is rotting. Molding where they sit! All that time and effort. *SIGH*

I guess that's it. You are officially in the loop!


obladi oblada said...

Glad that he had a good birthday celebration and that soon you wont have to eat alone! Eating alone sounds kind of good to me at the moment, lol...Im sure it would get old though.

C.I.W. said...

You are getting ready for your next bout of excitement--

Good luck.. it sounds like there is a BIG possibility of even more good things around the corner...


Lisa said...

I'm so excited for you!!!

cloudmaster said...

I didn't notice an email link on your blog. Is there one that I could use?