Thursday, June 4, 2009

Meet the Turner's, again.

I spent all morning sending out our family bio sheet and profile summary. 12 social workers from Bangor to Presq Isle. Biddeford and Lewiston. Portland and Augusta. A sort of introduction to us. The Turners.

I also contacted our adoption case worker. Told her what I was doing, and asked for her suggestions. She quickly responded..."There is no mystery to this" and "Your floating around somewhere".

There is some parent advocacy, if I ever saw some. Thanks for your help!

I am anxious to see the response, if any.

Andy and I have decided AGAINST the Meet & Greet scheduled on Saturday. It is not our favorite activity. Wrestling with other potential families for a few minutes with child.

We will keep on the way we have been. Doing what we can to get our name out there. Without compromising what we deem important.

I guess that is the best anyone can do!


Melissa said...

Your case worker sounds like a real people person.
I'm sure with your determination, you will get a child, even with your workers attempts to thwart you.

tubaville said...

HOo wah! You go girl. That's the way to do it. Another way I look at it is OUR taxdollars are paying for this...we are HIRING them and paying them to complete a service. Would a plumber you hired be allowed to say...well, I'm sure your bathroom is somewhere in your house, one of these days I'll find it? Also, the state was appointed as guardian of these children. It is their DUTY and federal mandate to provide them with permanency. On the soapbox.

Corrine said...

ALAS, A response came...
"wrong Kathy Smith"

Good gravy!

Nichole said...

Your case worker sounds like she fits the negative stereotype...that's unforunate. Is there any way to get someone else?

cloudmaster said...

I hate when people dont call back. The way this whole system works in this state is quite ironic at times, and frustrating ALWAYS. Keep pluggng. I am sure your day will come.

C.I.W. said...

Doesn't the saying go.. "You are in control of your own destiny"?

It really sucks when you HAVE NO FLIPPING CONTROL.

Can you file a complaint against this winner?