Friday, June 5, 2009

One, measly, response!

I sent out the family bio info and inquiries to 22 Maine DHHS workers.


22 social workers received our family spec's. Complete with photos of each, our house, and pets. Very informative, I must say. All in one easy-to-read page. Not an overload of info. Would take all of 5 minutes to read.

How many responses have I/we received?

ONE!!! ONE effing responses that said this...
"Wrong, Kathy Smith".

I am mad. Mad and extremely disappointed.

Maybe it's early yet.

Maybe there is a state wide, mandatory training for all adoptive case workers. One that takes them out of the office for the week, and doesn't allow email correspondence. Or maybe they are drivin crazy by email from

Maybe I need to find something else to do.


Nichole said...

As soon as you find a distraction or move to a plan B you will get a call! It's guaranteed!

Lisa said...

Keep being persistant. It takes it.

Mary Ellen said...

The wheels of administration move sloooooowwwwwly. Whenever you get the Maine bureaucrats involved, well, you see how it goes. Stay focused. You'll get there, I know it.

tubaville said...

Sick isn't it? Give it more time though. And don't forget to follow up and ask that they confirm their receipt of your info :)

Joanna Jenkins said...

Keep pushing, it all takes so much time, but keep pushing :-)

Joanna Jenkins said...

Keep pushing! Nice to meet you. I stopped by from Andrew's blog.