Friday, July 31, 2009

Another Delay...SURPRISE!

Our disclosure meeting scheduled for today, was rescheduled due to an emergency surgery for the GAL.
I am sorry that she needs surgery, whatever it is, but am pissed that we have had another delay.


I have started a "life book" for our family. To give to Carrot Top before transitioning occurs. The social worker recommended this. To show him his room. His family. His pets. Things of that sort.

I have given each child a page, one for Andy and I, one for pets, one for family fun, and two pages for carrot top "stuff". Any suggestions to make this great fun for a 5 year old?

I feel as though the summer is whizzing by, and I am not blogging much. I miss catching up with you all. Hope you are well!


Lisa said...

The life books is a fabulous idea. Cartoon characters on his page?

Mary Ellen said...

The book is a great idea - maybe with some theme - characters he likes, as Lisa said, or 'my garden' where everybody has a flower or plant...he'd be a carrot, naturally!

Is everything ok in Buckfield? Haven't heard from Andy in a while.

obladi oblada said...

Just catching up on blogs myself...Im so happy for you about Carrot top!!!!!

When we did our life book we used our dogs to "tell" about our family. You could take a real pic of the pets and "cartoonize" it on photo shop or editing, and put the cartoon pet on each page and have them introduce the family, and make it a rhyme