Sunday, July 5, 2009


Vacation fun! In the summertime...

You remember that Connie Francis tune. Well, I am singin' it baby!

My vacation officially started on Friday at 5:15. So far, rain.

We went to Mt. Blue State Park yesterday. Tried to salvage a beach day. RAIN!

We enjoyed a cook out at Andy's folks camp site instead. The littles thought it was great, just the same. We bought morning glory's at our local market. For Gabrielle's 4th of July fireworks. We forgot to use 'em.

That's Ok. We will do it tonight. She won't know the difference.

Today I have taken advantage of the partly sunny skies, and hung out 3 loads of wash. I also washed the hard wood floors in the living room, and the floor in the kitchen. This will ease the guilt I will be feeling, when I slack the next two days.

Tomorrow, the Maine Wildlife Park. Tuesday, Range Pond (or Bowling if it rains). Wednesday, cleaning and Gabrielle's riding lesson. Thursday, Friday, and Saturday...CAMPING IN CONWAY, NH!!!

Root-toot-toot for V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N!!!!

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cloudmaster said...

Please report on the wildlife park. we got some discount tickets from Adoptive and Foster Families of Maine and were wondering about it. Hope you continue to have a good time, and that some good weather will be coming for you this week!