Thursday, July 2, 2009

Still creeping along!

This morning, I spoke with carrot top's (CT) social worker. Her supervisor happens to be on vacation this week, so we will have our interview scheduled next week.

Apparently what happens now, is this:

* Both potential families are interviewed. We meet with caseworkers and foster parents. Teachers and therapists. We then have the opportunity to decline or proceed. If we proceed...

* Both families strengths and weaknesses will be outlined, discussed, and a family selected.

* We are then notified, and transitioning is outlined and begun.

I was told that from interview to selection, is about a week. This is so families aren't waiting in limbo.

We are in limbo.

I am anxious to interview.

People tend to look at us as just another "large" family. We Do have 6 children, that is true. I look at it as an asset. We have a ton of experience. All of our children have extremely different personalities, and individual needs. We are adept at handling many issues. Advocating for needs.
3 of our kiddos are teen-agers, one graduates this fall. One is 12. They are independent. They also spend 3 days a week with the "other" parent.

I/we are on vacation next week. We have many things planned. This will keep our minds busy. The kids will have fun, we will have some family time. All will be grand!


Melissa said...

Wow! Good luck! I hope the process is speedy!!

cloudmaster said...

Good Luck!!

Mary Ellen said...

I'm glad you're getting a break, although I'm not sure spending time with 6 kids is considered a vacation. And I'm not sure how it's different than your regular days!

Good luck with the process. It must seem like it's moving unbelievably slowly. Hang in there.

Nichole said...

Hopefully the number of children isn't a factor. It just means you have a lot of experience!