Friday, July 24, 2009

Away we go....

We had our first disclosure meeting with Carrot Tops social worker. IT WENT GREAT.
Got a lot more info, and found out that we are the only family that is being pursued for him.

One thing...
I am terrified.

I want to do what is right for him. For my littles at home. For our teenagers.
I want to be the best mommy and advocate.
What if I fall short of what this boy needs.
What if my bio babies get the shaft. Will they feel that they "weren't enough"?

I have revised our budget.
Scheduled alone time for each child. One on One time per week. And date night (one a month) for Andy and I.
I have hired extra help at daycare. So I can be away.
Be with the littles. Be with the big's.
Volunteer at Carrot Top's school (or bitch, watever is needed).

Is this normal to panic?
I just want to do a good job. These are my precious'. My most importants.
Whatta ya think?


Melissa said...

Wow! It sounds like you have thought of everything! LOL! I'm sure it will all be fine and I don't think your little's will be resentful at all. It is a wonderful thing that you are doing!!
And congrats on being the chosen ones. How much longer is the process??? Is he going to be placed with you soon?

Nichole said...

It sounds like you are completely prepared! I think you will be wonderful for him and your family with be better for it.

Anonymous said...

Totally normal to be scared. With my third kid, I was FREAKED OUT because of all the same reasons...but it turned out fine and he just blended right on in. Carrot top will, too, I'd bet.

cloudmaster said...

I think you are going to do GREAT!!! you have just the right amount of compassion and caring to make sure everything is right for all your charges. You have nothing to worry about!

Mary Ellen said...

It's all so exciting - and scary - but you'll handle it. If anybody was ever meant to take on this challenge, it's you.

Hee - my word verification is 'gruffis' - reminds me of your little one!

Lisa said...

There will probably be more freaking out to come but it's all totally normal.

Hang in there!

Mama Drama Times Two said...

Blessings and well wishes to all y'all (and especially C.T.) We shoot for date night TWICE a month - that way when the inevitable happens and you have to cancel...we still have at least ONE night out together!!!!!

Evansmom said...

I think it would be abnormal if you weren't worrying! It shows that you are concerned, loving, etc. Good luck!

Dia por Dia said...

Sounds pretty normal to me. You have to just figure it's all part of a greater plan and it is meant to be. Do you have a timetable for transition yet?

Mrs4444 said...

I'm sure you are going to be everything he could possibly need. Congratulations to your family :)