Friday, July 10, 2009

"CT" or "M"

Monday I received a call from "M's" social worker.
Remember, "M"? He was the child that set off this journey to adopt. "M" is the child that was placed with the bio-family, even though they expected it not to be a good placement.

Well, DUH!!!
They emailed us Monday, to tell us they they are contemplating removing him. They wanted to know if we were still interested.
Again, DUH!!!
Of course we are.

The catch?

We are also in the running, as you know, for Carrot Top.
So, we have fought to have one match. Now there may be two possibilities.
What do we do now?

We are continuing the process with both. We have been worked over far to many times, to trust in one working out. We feel an overwhelming obligation to "M". His quest for permanency seems to have been a long tough road. A few foster homes, and placed twice with the bio aunt. Never once to have worked out. However, with CT...Something happened in my heart when I saw him. That has not happened before. Could it be the months of lessons learned? The constant ebbs and flows. I don't know.

I guess time will tell. Again, WISH US LUCK!


Nichole said...

You were waiting and waiting and now everything is happening at once! Continuing the process for both is probably the best way to go about it just in case one falls through.

What if you get both children??

obladi oblada said...

Yes, continue the process for both! Then if one is a definite, then you have to re evaluate your feelings...tough decisions ahead, but exciting ones!

Lisa said...

Continue with both. Maybe both will work out.

Mama Drama Times Two said...

When you can't decide between 2 things - try and do both....You seem so calm for someone about to expand their family by two!!!!