Thursday, December 4, 2008

5th grade Math

When did 5th grade math become so hard!


I am here helping 3 of my daycare cherubs with math (never been my strongest subject). Man!

They want three examples of how they find the answer to each problem.


I am having difficulty finding one. That is even with the help of my daughter's $60 calculator. I try my best to look moderately intelligent. After all, they look up to me, right? I have a feeling that they can see right through my bluff. Funny, I am not very good at poker either.

I wish that I had paid more attention in school.

I was way more concerned with who was sitting next to me in my classes...what party I would attend that Saturday...or who I would be going to prom with.

Now, I am a thirty-something year old woman. Sitting in my slippers and clearance rack sweat pants. Dried spit up on my shoulder. Old snot rags in my pocket.

I am sitting next to a 5th grade boy eating a donut hole..and two girls with braces...and a date with my husband (the hottest boy on the block) planned for Saturday...and I still suck at math!



Andrew Scott Turner said...

I'll take you to the prom, baby!

And afterwards, maybe we can, um, you know, like, do our own math


Corrine said...


Lisa said...

I still suck at math too. Forget
5th grade...I'm struggling with 2nd. Thanks to Books and Bairns blog I found out about It can be used a full homeschool curriculum or as an extra study program for afterschool. J LOVES it and I don't have to teach Geometry. The online program does it all and makes it fun. Yeah me! You can do a 14 day free trial which is what we are doing now. She has "gone" to school for 9 hours 2 days in a row. She is so into it!

Lisa said...

Oh yeah...and the message from your hubby was the sweetest thing ever!