Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Home Stretch

Well, our last interview with DHHS was yesterday. All of our children had to be interviewed.
Isn't that funny?
Our 2 year old. What would she have to say that they could understand??
And Ty, our 11 year old. The boy of few words. Most of them are "I guess" or "I dunno". What could he share? What did he share?Not much, as his interview lasted 3 1/2 minutes!!!
Fallon's (16 yrs) lasted the longest. 9 minutes.
But who's counting???

More waiting is at hand.
I spoke to "M's" adoption case worker. Our last conversation ( the BOGO convo) left me feeling deflated and very pessimistic about our chances for "M".
This time, MUCH BETTER!
I was assured that even though "M's" bio aunt, legally has to be considered...it was no more than a formality. She had no expectations of them seriously being considered. There has been to much negative in their home studies. To much negativity in "M's" past, from them as well.

The case worker also agreed that placing "M" in the same home as his foster brother, ( 2 1/2 yrs with down syndrome) may be to much to expect from any one family. I had voiced my objection to having "T" placed here as well, because I didn't want to short-change "M" or my other children. Apparently she listened.

Now, she didn't say that we were a shoe in or anything. She did, however, say that she thought that we were great, and again at the top of her list. We have heard that before, and are cautiously optimistic.

For now, I have a picture in my wallet, one on the fridge, and a bed decked out in John Deere garb. Hoping for our "M" to fill it.


Lisa said...

Wonderful news. I am so tickled she was more forthcoming with info on the other family.
Holding my breath....

Corrine said...

Thanks, Lisa.
Always nice to have another cheerleader!

RaizenBoyz said...

Here's to praying that you get 'M' for keeps! Our boys were pretty mum in their interview also. And they said things like, "I hope a baby doesn't wake me up". LOL, boys are crazy!!!

cloudmaster said...

Good Luck. I certainly hope everything works out for you.