Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Alone time

Do you ever feel as though you have to make a reservation to take a pee?

That taking a shower is a luxury. Putting on make-up means something special is going to happen.

I was sick yesterday. I mean on my back sick. Up to vomit sick. My two year old came in while I was heaving..."oh gross! That's 'iscusting!" She then proceeded to call in her day care friends to see Mommy on the potty throwing up and pooping (what is that fascination?). In between hurls I was able to yell "GET OUT!!"

They got the point. The scattered immediately.

I sometimes wonder why I signed on. And why I may do even more.

Then, I look into their faces (often when they are sleeping). I see them as a blank canvas. Maybe even do something big one day.

Our 16 year old...a photographer and Mother 

Our 14 year old boy....a coach or teacher

Our 14 year old girl ... doctor, lawyer, Queen of Everything 

The 10 year old...a cop or game warden

Our toddler...a lesbian flame thrower

The baby...president

Who knows. We will be surprised, I'm sure.

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