Monday, December 22, 2008

A Deep Breath

So, almost there.

The baking is done. The gifts purchased (just about). We are coming to the end.

The end of a difficult start to the winter.

Time to breath.

Smell the pine and holly.

View the lights. 



See the season through the eyes of our toddler.



Andrew Scott Turner said...

You forgot "Drink a lot of beer" and "Get jiggy with my husband"


Heather said...

Ugh. Your post has reminded me how behind I am. I haven't even started baking. I still have to try not to kill someone at Wally Word tomorrow AND manage to clean the house for the In-Laws. Its going to be a long couple days...

But, thank you for the reminder to see this through the eyes of my kids. The ones who delight in the magic.

Begin - writing, yoga, and more said...

Hi Corrine -
My husband and I just found your blog! It's beautiful.

I wish you only the best in your efforts to provide a home and family for M - I know you'd do a great job.

My husband wants you to know that he's adopted and he applauds your efforts.

Frankly, your snow day post made me appreciate that I only have the two kids and good weather to boot!!

Enjoy a fabulous, magical day today. I hope Santa brings everything you're wishing for.