Friday, December 12, 2008

Snow Day!

Do you remember the excitement of a snow day! Waking up 15 min's earlier than usual, just to check to see if school was cancelled. Building a snowman with your sibling. Sledding until your nose was frozen.

Well' today is our districts first snow day. We live in a rural area, so I am sure their will be many more.

The kiddos are elated. 

Me? Not so much!

As an adult, and a daycare provider, I have grown to hate snow days. Frankly, I think that a child's education is worth the risk (I'M KIDDING!!).

It is sleeting outside, so no sledding. No snowmen either.

We have made snowflake's, and Christmas tree hand prints. What else can we do? Christmas specials. YES!!! That should entertain. FOR ALL OF A MINUTE AND A HALF!!

I also have to endure the wrestling of brothers, the tattling of a sister, and the excitement of the Christmas season. That is in addition to our normal routine of potty training, circle time, and story time. Squeeze in snack, and lunch, and then....Aaaaaa NAP -TIME! A glorious time of day.

Rest, relax, eat, and DO IT ALL OVER AGAIN!


Nelly said...

Awww sounds like a day at my house!! Thanks for friending me. I was excited I have a new friend!!

Corrine said...

It's always nice to share parenting tips, hints, and woes!
Glad your here!